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抵抗信息入侵 数字时代没有瓦尔登湖

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本文摘要:Daimler has given frazzled employees the opportunity to delete automatically all emails received while they are on holiday. The carmaker’s move underlines what everyone already knows: personal technology can abrade the self. Finding severa


Daimler has given frazzled employees the opportunity to delete automatically all emails received while they are on holiday. The carmaker’s move underlines what everyone already knows: personal technology can abrade the self. Finding several thousand unread messages makes one’s first day back at work peculiarly horrible.戴姆勒(Daimler)公司早已获准其疲惫不堪的雇员自动移除渡假期间接到的全部邮件。这家汽车生产商的作法突显了一个众所周知的问题:个体技术(personal technology)有可能虐待自我。在重回工作的第一天找到数千封未读邮件觉得让人不寒而栗。

This is not the fault of device makers, social networks or mobile data operators. It is a consequence of our determination, fed by professional and personal paranoia, to use all their products and services at once. The malady’s symptoms are a fractured attention span, insomnia triggered by exposure to blue light and an ever wider, shallower friendship group.这并无法归咎于设备生产商、社交网络或移动数据运营商。我们是自食其果:出于职业的和个人的病态,我们要求同时用于全部这些产品和服务。这种顽疾的症状展现出为注意力碎片化,曝露于蓝光所造成的嗜睡,以及更加辽阔却也更加愚蠢的朋友圈。I spotted a typical sufferer last month on a train rolling through Concord, Massachusetts, home of Henry David Thoreau, a nature philosopher who believed that in 1840s America: “The incessant anxiety and strain of some is a well-nigh incurable form of disease.” True to that diagnosis, our contemporary victim was tetchily switching between mobile phones as bandwidth fluctuated. He was also juggling an iPad and a pager. He was organising a business trip to Indianapolis. He should have alighted at Concord and thrown his devices in Walden Pond, the lake where Thoreau swam after retreating from modern life.上个月,我在火车上找到了一名典型“患者”。

这佩火车当时于是以穿过亨利戴维梭罗(Henry David Thoreau)的家乡,马萨诸塞州的康科德(Concord, MA)。这位自然主义哲学家指出,在19世纪40年代的美国:“一些人持续大大的情绪和压力完全沦为了一种不能医治的疾病。


他真为应当在康科德等候,然后把他的设备都扔到到瓦尔登湖(Walden Pond)湖里去,也就是梭罗从现代生活隐退后游泳的湖泊。Each technological revolution triggers a reaction against it. Thoreau was in part rebelling against the railway that ran, and still runs, past Walden. This not only redistributed Americans – some doubtless on business trips to Indianapolis – in a manner he thought unnecessary. It also stimulated written communication in the form of letters. Thoreau believed most of these were a waste of time. Similarly, when mass production became a spring tide in the 19th century, British polemicists such as William Morris and John Ruskin were there to wave it back.每一场技术革命都会引起适当的赞成。梭罗在一定程度上镇压当时经过(现在也仍然经过)瓦尔登湖的铁路。

这条铁路不仅是用一种他实在没适当的方式把美国人重新分配到各个地方(其中一些人毫无疑问是在前往印第安纳波利斯的商务旅行的途中),还性刺激了书信形式的文字交流。梭罗指出其中绝大部分只是浪费时间而已。类似于的,当大批量生产沦为19世纪的大潮之时,威廉莫里斯(William Morris)和约翰拉斯金(John Ruskin)等英国辩论家期望将这股浪潮推回去。The reaction to intrusive information technology is inchoate so far. Some Californian cafés ban Google Glass, which they see as spywear masquerading as eyewear. There are sporadic media storms about the proportion of internet content that is pornographic. German singer Cris Cosmo had a minor hit with a ditty entitled “Schiess auf Facebook” a few years back, but social media helped foster its success. No latter-day Thoreau has yet gained popular traction with a philosophy of digital detoxification. There is plainly a gap in the market.迄今为止,对入侵式的信息技术的镇压才刚浮现。


几年前,德国歌手克里斯科斯什(Cris Cosmo)有一首小有名气的单曲《Schiess auf Facebook》,歌曲是批评Facebook的,但正是社交媒体协助促使了这首歌的顺利。当代的梭罗们还没拿走汇聚人气的数字摄入哲学。这似乎是一块市场空白。One part of Thoreau’s argument was anti-consumerist and sits in useful counterpoise to the idea that the latest Apple product is sufficient reward for working 50-plus hours a week. Having retreated to the woods, he lived on just over $62 in his first year. This included the cost of building a hut, though not rent.梭罗的部分论点在于反消费主义,这有助抗衡“苹果近期产品充足报酬一周工作50多个小时”的观念。

归隐山林后,梭罗仅有花费了62美元之后童年了第一年。其中还包括修建小屋的费用(尽管梭罗没自由选择租房子)。The British economist, John Maynard Keynes, approaching the work-life balance from a slightly different angle in 1930, argued that rising industrial productivity would result in Britons needing to work only 15 hours a week. His thinking converged with Thoreau’s in imagining that individuals wanted more time to relax in preference to having more goods and services.1930年,英国经济学家约翰梅纳德凯恩斯(John Maynard Keynes)从一个稍微有所不同的角度来探究工作与生活的均衡。

他指出,工业生产率的提升最后不会使英国人每周仅有须要工作15小时。他的点子和梭罗相同之处在于,他们都指出相比获得更好的商品和服务,人们更加想更好的休闲娱乐时间。Most do not. This is just as well for the staff of Daimler, who would lose their jobs if there was no demand for top-end cars that are functionally little different from cheap runabouts. The debate focuses on a purportedly unfair division of the spoils of economic activity rather than an unjust split of free time. By this latter measure, a typical banker is scraping by while a struggling actor is rolling in it.但大部分人并非如此。




Thoreau believed the mass of men lived lives of quiet desperation. What he had not grasped was that the mass of men do not care if they believe their next door neighbour’s life is marginally more desperate than their own.梭罗指出大多数人都生活在默默地的恐惧中。但他没有认识到的是,只要大众指出隔壁邻居的人生比他们自己稍微更为恐惧,他们就不在乎这种状况。I disembarked at Concord while the multitasking businessman whizzed on down the rails. Walden Pond is busy these days, and today Thoreau’s daily swim would probably have ended in a collision with a kayak. But there is a satisfactorily lonely pool further into the woods, beside which the digital jitterbug can sit and purge the ones and zeros from his system.我在康科德车站等候,而那个手忙脚乱的商人之后坐着火车飞速前进。


被数字生活搞得神经紧绷的人可以躺在水池旁,忘记自己系统中的二进制数字。Elevated by my temporary rejection of modernity, I returned to a full inbox, 11-hour working days and commuting between home and work PCs with two mobile phones, a BlackBerry and an iPad. A business trip to Indianapolis seems inevitable.一段时间地逃出现代性之后,我精神振作地返回了收件箱满满、每天工作11个小时的生活,带着两部手机,一部黑莓(BlackBerry)、一部iPad来回于家中的电脑和工作地点的电脑之间。前往印第安纳波利斯的商务旅行显然不可避免。